Happy Birthday Michelle Obama and Super Dupa Birthday To Blog Reader O.B


Happy birthday to gorgeous Michelle Obama. I also wish a lovely happy birthday to Blog reader O.B Nwaogbe. She has been outstanding and a role model to young generation. And we both attended thesame secondary school at Charles Heerey Memorial Juniorate.

O.B is the Owner & Licensed Esthetician at Traveling Chix Mobile Spa and she finished from Howard University, United States.


What made me recognise O.B on egosentrik Blog? The truth  is, she is a very fearless outspoken lady and have the heart of gold. O.B aspires to assist autistic children in Nigeria in due time. I love hard working ladies like me…lol…and hell yes her successful business in the States speaks well for her!!!

O.B Nwaogbe

5 comments on “Happy Birthday Michelle Obama and Super Dupa Birthday To Blog Reader O.B

  1. Oby Nwaogbe says:

    Oh my Godnesss… I wish I can post a picture of my face right now because I can’t seem to pick my jaw up from the floor. You are totally amazing. To say that I am not in tears right now would be a total lie. It’s because of people like you that I keep going no matter how tough and how many times I get kicked to the ground. I admire your tenacity to seek out the truth and to speak up when others won’t. You my dear Egosentrik is a woman of integrity, zeal, and honor. My day couldn’t have started any better. May God continue to bless you and give and you 10 thousand times over all your heart desires. I am in awe and totally grateful.

  2. NK Baby says:

    Happy birthday Oby I finished from CHMJ too…we are heavy heavy selected girls. Actor Chidi Mokeme’s wife passed through our school too. I am so proud of you ladies

  3. Iphy says:

    This is very nice….u forgot she graduated from same high sch wit u,me et all…CHMJ…..I call her my DIVA..

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