EXPOSED: Davido Expecting Twins From His 23 Year Old London Based Boo?

Sunshine 2

Nigerian Singer Davido will soon be a Dad of two beautiful girls and I hope he does the needful. The lady in question her name is Shanielle Sunshine Haye, she is Jamaican/Cuban. She’s said to be expecting twins for the Skelewu master and she’s about 4 months gone. I can confidently say she has been friends with Davido and his management for a while now. I heardΒ Davido met the beautiful model through his brotherΒ Adewale Adeleke who is Davido’s Manager with twitter handle @HKNChairman.Β 

Below is a picture of Sunshine with the HKN Chairman in Dec 2012 and also another tweet from him wishing her a happy 23rd birthday on the 17th of January 2014 when she turned 23.


HKN Chairman 1

Β I heard she told Davido that she will f*ck him up the moment he misbehaves or tries to deny the pregnancy. So that is exactly what has happened, Davido wasn’t ready to be a Dad and has been on and off with Sunshine after the confirmation of the pregnancy. So the cat was let out of the bag. She’s said to have threatened to expose the DNA of her twin girls once they are born, to back up her claims if Davido still refuses to cooperate (I bet she’ll drag Davido to Jeremy Kyle show…Lmao).Β 

Meanwhile These are the tweets from the model hinting about this pregnancy for a while:

So all ye Bloggers looking for the girl’s pictures Β and info for aproko…I have exposed everything you need to see and figure out if the story is true or not…..#FIDDLESTCIK. Plus I know Davido’s Fans will start war with her on twitter. Β I bet Davido will deny it sharply…The babe is hawt gaun…see below pic for confirmation:


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  1. Fine Igbo Chic says:

    I would not normally comment on Blogs but Youruba men are pigs and can’t use condom. They are polygamous in nature, na so one dey wash my pant for school here. I pity his poor mother because the idiot won’t see me wearing the pant, he will continue to wash dem for me. Dirty bastards.

  2. Crazy Lulu says:

    egosentrik this king olofofo dey sweet you please get a life biko

    • Amy says:

      Lulu or whatever you call your rass ass, why are you insulting ego here? Smelly girl crazy mofo like you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Shameless Nigerian Celebs. Yes Ego he should better take up his responsibility. Short ugly boy that can’t use condom

  4. Dat Ogun Boi says:

    Yay Davido is going to be a father, good 4him hahahaha

  5. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Davido

  6. Miss Boobs says:

    Naija celebs eeh tufikwa

  7. NK Baby says:

    Omo see Gobe

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