Drinking and Smoking During Pregnancy Can Make A Child Gay- SundayTimes


Wow!!! So if this research is true, then Evander Holyfield might be correct to some extent don’t you think?…lol #JustSaying. So since being Gay can be caused by health issues, Nigeria should not jail these people but help them the way autistic children are being helped in the society today.

According to SundayTimes

THE lifestyle adopted by a mother during pregnancy can radically change her child, affecting everything from IQ to sexuality, claims a leading neuroscientist.

In a new book Dick Swaab, professor of neurobiology at Amsterdam University, suggests that factors ranging from taking synthetic hormones to leading a stressful life can raise the chance of having a child who turns out to be GAY.

Similarly smoking, drinking and taking drugs designed to combat depression during pregnancy can lower a child’s IQ, while living in an area with high levels of traffic pollution can raise the risk of autism.

Swaab’s claims follow a survey of the latest academic studies about links between the lifestyles of pregnant women and the development of their babies. Each provides evidence of the sensitivity of the brain to outside influences.