Happy Birthday To Nigeria’s Best Soul Singer Timi Dakolo

timmy Dakolo

MUST READ: Yes I called him the best Nigerian soul singer because he is at the moment and I watched Timi grow into a star. From the first day he appeared on West African Idol, I knew he will make it to the top.

It was funny one of the days I popped into Sweet Sensation Ikeja GRA, from work to have lunch with my girlfriend. There Timi was sat with the second runner up Kevin or so, having lunch as well. Kids loved him and went to take pictures with him and his mate, he wasn’t a full blown star then he was just a contestant on the show.

I wanted to take a photograph with him as well, but my friend pinched me and said aunty agbaya, can’t tou see that it’s only kids going for photographs…lol. Oh well, I nyashed down back on my table and we had our lunch and left.

If the votes really counted then and they showed names of voters on TV, I bet mine and my mum’s name and phone number will be highest…lol. My mother asked me to show her how to vote and the minute I showed her, her minutes finished and we kept buying recharge cards till the day Timi emerged the winner of the show. Just as if he was her son, she jumped and shouted praise God…hahaha. I was a bit embarrassed for her..*shaking my head*. Plus my mother loves Jim Iyke and thinks he looked like my elder brother and both of them are stubborn too….Lmao.

Anyways…happy birthday Timi and I hope Mrs Dakolo and the kids spoils you silly today. Use your voice to praise your creator cos he blessed you real good. All the best!!!