CHELSEA: Abramovich’s Girlfriend Sat On A Naked Black Woman


The picture was posted by Chelsea’s boss girlfriend Dasha Zhukova and it caused an outrage online, as many people found it very offensive. As a black woman I feel offended too but found the chair funny tho, it could’ve been any race, but unfortunately for her she chose the wrong race..Cos black women don’t take SHIT!!!

Chair by Allen Jones, 1969, which depicts a woman bent into the shape of furniture

Humour intended: Imagine her trying to seat on that chair and the doll kicked her damn asss…she’ll so freak out and will never dare seat on a black doll ever again.

4 comments on “CHELSEA: Abramovich’s Girlfriend Sat On A Naked Black Woman

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a racist act personally. People have to start thinking of the implications of their actions

    • jonah says:

      I disapprove of your opinion, my question is was the black kady firced ti do that and if not then she sold her right and nobody should bkame anybody, because everybody should have self diginity

  2. Hoping for a better world says:

    There was multiple pictures with other colored women as well. Why cant everyone stop crying about race i mean seriously if your want it to stop stop worrying about it. We are all fucking human no matter what race or religion or sexual orientation we are. We are all Just human

    • Uzor says:

      Yes we are all human and we were built with emotions and feelings, I agree that people need to pay more attention to the way they treat others. If we truly want/ are hoping for a better world then we need to understand that we all have a role to play i.e. bit more consideration with our actions on one side and perhaps a bit more tolerance on the other 🙂

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