Breaking News: Demolition Of Popular Abuja Apo Mechanic Villa

Abuja Apo Mechanic Villa

News reaching egosentrik right now, says Abuja Development plan is currently demolishing the popular Apo Mechanic villa in Abuja. Shocked onlookers can be seen gathered at the scene of demolition and watching cars go up in flames.

2 comments on “Breaking News: Demolition Of Popular Abuja Apo Mechanic Villa

  1. nwachukwu stephen says:

    i dont know why government wont allow apo people to rest. Initially they demolish the place they where before.which led to the killing of six inocent the place they are now again in being demolished.where do they want them to go to. And nt that they dnt hav the money to buy lands from government.but i think the best thing that
    will happen is for government to give them a permanent site and give them the particular structure building they will build and they will do it decently and every where will look decent and there will be no more container.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Na wa oh. Which level now? Na only for naija dem go do this kind tin without sufficient warning or proper plans to relocate the affected people. God help us

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