MBGN Turn Rapper Munachi Abii Says Men Started Eyeing Me As A Teenager

Munachi Abii

The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria who has turned rap artist reveals to Punch that men started eyeing her as a teenager. And also talked about her personality. Read an excerpt from the interview below:

Some people think you have a dual personality; Muna the rap artiste and Munachi Abii the beauty queen. Would you agree with them?

I’m more than a dual personality. I’m yet to discover all of them. I believe we’ve got a lot of time to figure all that out. But trust that you will see them as they unfold.

At what age did the love letters and advancements from men start in your life?

I never really got love letters. Advancements from men began in my teens.

So how was it coping with their advances at such a tender age?

That’s easy. We always had lines for the boys and the young men; the ‘I will think about it’ to the ‘I’m sorry I have a boyfriend line’ was always there.