Toyin Lawani Trying So Hard To Loose Baby Fat In Less Than A Month


In as much as it feels good to have your perfect body back after having a baby, we also need to think about the health implications. Ladies, my doctor friend advices that you should give your body 6 months to heal properly before you start excessive exercise. Whether you delivered naturally or by Caesarian, just keep doing little stretches and eating healthy meals till after six months. Try and avoid too much starchy and fatty meals. So basically, after 6 months of having a baby you can now re-introduce or introduce your full time exercise to loose them baby weight.

Doing what stylist Toyin Lawani is doing has health risks, which might not show immediately but in the long run has adverse effect on your body.

I guess she’s so interested in getting praises from people about her looks than concentrating on motherhood. I am telling her off because she should take it easy with pictures and trying to prove her belly is going flat. Maybe she has been inspired by Kim Kardashian and the rest *SMH*