Story About Actor Ali Nuhu Taking A Second Wife True or False…Find Out


Hmmmmm…..I heard that Nollywood actor Ali Nuhu is taking a second wife. Sources said the wedding will take place  first week of February in Kano. I also heard his second wife is from a rich family in one of the biggest emirates in Kaduna. It was rumoured that his first wife Maimuna whom he has had kids with, does not seem bothered about it. According to their religious belief…A man can marry 4 wives...choi.. these men just dey rock women dey go…The question is…why woman no fit marry 4  men too? Let the merry go round?...*shaking my head* MARGINALISATION!!!!!

Meanwhile, before you crucify this GENTLE ACTOR…he has debunked the rumour on twitter when a fan tried to verify the story. Ali responded to the fan  “#not true”

Oh dear rumour mongers kilode?