Did KCee Actually Pay 68 million Naira To Feature Nicki Minaj???


Well his Manager Soso Sobrekon confirmed Kcee has already sealed the deal to feature Nicki in one of his tracks and also trying to get a bigger artist from YMCB on board *raise my eye brow*. Meanwhile, he refused to acknowledge they paid 68million to Nicki. I guess they didn’t….how much does he want to make from the track that they will pay that much?

This is what Kcee’s manager said:

‘We are in the USA trying to get some collaboration done. It is true we are in the process of doing a song with Nicki Minaj, and that news was leaked by an agent to the media.We actually wanted it to be a surprise for the fans, but since it’s out there now; we plan on taking it bigger’.

Soso however refused to comment on what they allegedly paid for Minaj’s services‘We want to seal another artist from YMCMB that is bigger than Nicki Minaj.

She’s already sealed to be on the track, but now that everyone knows, we’re still going to surprise the fans by getting another person from YMCB