EGO’s Five Rules On How To Cope With ‘HEART BREAK’

egosentrik herself...*winks*

egosentrik herself…*winks*

Rule number one: Cry on someone’s shoulder,

It is very much okay to cry for as long as you can, but only on someone’s shoulder. I mean someone you trust. It could be a bosom friend, siblings or parents. Make sure you hide nothing to them while expressing your feelings. Of course you not gonna cat or fake crying. You’ve gone through an emotional stress and while you relive the hurtful memories, you’ll somehow cry.

Please avoid locking yourself in the room alone crying and feeling suicidal, cos it’s one of the deadliest mistakes people make. Remember a problem shared is a problem half-solved. Instead stay with this trusted fella, you could play a cool slow music that can trigger your emotions and you can connect to the words, it often helps you cry. According to Thomas Stone “There is something about telling it to another person that opens the floodgates”

The crying session should all end in one day, please do not extend it to the second day after break-up.

Rule number 2. Put your feelings in writing (hey don’t bother about grammatical errors)

Write down all the things you disliked about your ex-partner, ranging from behaviors, bad habits, attitude, and communication. Practically, all the turn offs about your partner, warning: don’t even bother your pretty brain about any turn-on. The heading should start like things “things I dislike about you” or ultimately why you are not good for me, because if they were good for you and have your interest at heart, they won’t break up with you in the first place. When you are done, read it over and over again, until it sinks in. Note: don’t hate, hatred is a very bad way to end a relationship.

Rule number 3: Try to Love the new you without your partner

Go shopping, movies, beauty salon for a hair cut/styling and get a proper handsome/beautiful new look. You must change your old look with your ex-partner, switch to a new feel good look. Take a warm bath with Aromatherapy oils, cos it helps relax your emotions and you’ll smell good too. Interact with people, accept compliments but be careful not to get carried away by flatteries and please don’t over indulge yourself or go over board as you might going a little bit too far.

Rule number 4: concentrate more on people that matter to you

Spend quality time with family and friends and have a good laugh with them. If you are financially buoyant try engaging in some charitable activities, not just donating money but volunteering and actively getting involved while donating. Just try to occupy your mind with positive activities and events, but please don’t occupy your time with so many things to do in a bid to get over your ex. By so doing, you’ll be stressing yourself out and mentally torturing yourself, so occupy the mind and not your time with positive activities such as dancing to your favorite music, playing a fast music while jogging, watching comedy movies or series, going for comedy shows and also putting your emotion behind and work effectively if you have a daily job.

Rule number 5: Move on

Always remind yourself that life must go on, just because a relationship didn’t work doesn’t mean the world has ended. It only means a chapter has ended and a new chapter must be written in the book of your life!!!  Let go of the emotions people often mistake as love, true love they say never dies. If it ends then it isn’t worth the stress and it isn’t true love. Dr Seuss says “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. Give someone else when true love finds you, don’t force or hunt for it, it naturally comes to you if you are friendly and open hearted. Not the type that give in too easily. Try to be friends in order to study the new individual and ensure he/she will make a good partner.

Note: there is no guarantee these rules will 100% work for you as individuals differ. I have counseled people with my cry-therapy while they observed the add-on mentioned rules, which afterwards attested it worked for them. If after applying these rules you still feel depressed or you find it difficult to apply egosentrik rules, make your way down to your local counselor for further help. But my suggestion is to apply them positively as it is and you stand a chance of achieving better results.

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