I Hate To Expose My Body + Some Of These Movies Don’t Have Good Story Lines

Queen Nwokoye

Nollywood Actress Queen Nwokoye talks about why she does not like dressing up in revealing clothes like most Nollywood actresses. She also mentioned she does not take part in some of the movies because THEY DON’T HAVE GOOD STORY LINES!!!

OMG…God bless you Queen! This has been on the lips of 99.9% of Nigerians and Nigerians in diaspora. They produce films like puff-puff with no good STORY LINES. The worst part of it is when you see big celebs acting in rubbish movies like that. Whenever I finish movies without good story lines, I start kicking my self and asking myself for the time I wasted watching such movies. I liked movies like ‘Last Flight To Abuja’  and ‘Mr and Mrs’….they both had great story lines and was worth my precious Saturday Night time back then.


Why don’t you wear revealing clothes like some of your colleagues in the industry?

I am a very simple person and I hate exposing my body. No way. I am a jeans and tank top person. I love T-shirts a lot. My friends look at dresses each time we go shopping, but I go to jeans and T-shirt; then sometimes, I add dresses, preferable long gowns for red carpets and other ceremonies.

You don’t also play romantic roles frequently, why?

I have been playing romantic roles, unless you are talking of sexy roles or the very, very glamorous type of movies where you wear mini skirts and half tops or you are almost naked. It is not that I cannot play such roles, but most times, some of these movies don’t really have good story lines. It is not just about the dressing, the make-up accessories and the shoes. I prefer movies that have good story line where you can actually watch and say, yes, this is what it is talking about. And most times, village settings and epic movies do it for me. I prefer emotional stories; I think that is my speciality. It is not that I cannot play any other role, but there is this feeling you get when you are doing a movie; I mean you feel satisfied at the end of the movie, not regrets on why you participated.

You have somehow managed to stay off scandals.

I think it has to do with my upbringing. I had extra-strict parents. My grandfathers were headmasters. My parents are knights of the Catholic Church. I have a strong religious background. My life was almost triangular. I went from home to school and to church and back home. Even till my first year in school, I always woke up to go and mop the altar in the church for the morning Mass. I was the president of the block rosary crusade (Catholic prayer group) in my area. I have younger sisters and I need to show them good examples. They look up to me. I am the first and they look up to me. Now, as a grown person, there are things I cannot do.

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