Rumour Busted: Angela Okorie Is Alive!!!

Angela Okorie

OMG: What will people gain by spreading rumours? I added a question mark in the title of my previous post about Angela’s death, because I couldn’t verify the gist.

The Blog (OKGist) which first broke the news early this morning has been written by Angela’s Manager, and they have apologised over spreading such rumours and have taken full responsibility over the sad news. You can read their apology HERE

However, her fans handle on twitter has busted the rumours as well and said Angela is alive and currently shooting a movie. Some hater must be behind this rumour. Read the tweet below:

2 comments on “Rumour Busted: Angela Okorie Is Alive!!!

  1. oty says:

    tnkGod its a rumor

  2. Mr Kredible says:

    Thumbs up egosentrik…. This is what it means to be transparent. A good thing you first post was a question!!!

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