Meet egosentrik’s Top 10 Nigerian Celebrity Comedians and Their Families

Egosentrik herself

Egosentrik herself

Meet the men that make us laugh and are proud of their families. You know some celebrities feel that  hiding their wives and kids helps their career, but hell no. We all know they are married and are pretending that they are not, in order to keep mingling with all dem gurls *rolls eyes*. If not that Okey Bakassi showed his family and wife recently, he would’ve continued to be linked to the wrong woman online as his wife…hehe. A different girl who was pictured with Okey has been linked as his wife on different Blogs, I thanked God when the correct picture was shared by Okey…lol.

So meet our exceptional 10 great guys below:

At number 10 is Comedian I Go Die:

I Go Die was one of those comedians who would make you laugh your head off as he doesn’t need to think of what to say. He is very spontaneous and makes ‘Night of a thousand laugh’ worth watching. However, he hasn’t shown much of his wife to us and could have been attributed to a wrong woman online if not that he shared this pic last year. So abeg bros try to show off your ‘Mrs’ as much as possible, cos love is a beautiful thing and shouldn’t be hidden.

I go die family

I Go Die and Family

At number 9 is Comedian Okey Bakassi:

Okey is one of those comedians who defined Stand up comedy that we enjoy in Nigeria today. He is not just a stand up comedian but also a Nollywood comedy actor. He hasn’t also shown much of his wife and family until now, but all thesame he is proud of them and that’s why we have shared in the joy of his beautiful family.

Okey and wifey

Okey and wifey

okey family1

Okey and family

At number 8 is Comedian Bovi:

Bovi is one of the trending stand up comedians at the moment and it’s probably the beginning of a long successful stand up comedy career for Bovi. He is very talented and can get your eyes glued to his comedy skits on youtube. He has shown us his wife but not as much as other colleagues of his am yet to disclose.


Bovi and wifey

Bovi's Family

Bovi’s Family

At number 7 is Comedian Klint-Da-Drunk:

Klint Da Drunk became really popular acting a drunk guy during his stand up comedy sessions. Apart from comedy Klint is a talented artist and a successful comedian. He has always shown off his wife and has recently shared his full family pic.

Klint Da Drunk and wife

Klint and wifey


Klint and family


At number 6 Comedian Ali Baba

Ali Baba is a renowned Nigerian Comedian, he is very talented and was among those comedians who made comedy interesting in Nigeria. He has been and is still more than happy to show off wifey and family.

Ali Baba and wife

Ali Baba and wifey

Ali Baba family 1

Ali Baba’s Family

Keep reading to see the winner
At number 5 is Comedian Tee A:

When you talk about Nigerian Comedy and you miss out great people like Tee A then you are a ‘learner’…lol. Tee A is a jolly good fellow and a successful comedian. He is passionate about comedy and has assisted in promoting Nigerian Comedy. Below is a picture of him and his wife and he believes that kids will come when God wants it to happen.

Tee A and wife

Tee A and wifey

At number 4 Comedian Seyi Law:

Seyi Law stormed the Nigerian comedy with great wave and rose to stardom overnight after his appearance on AY’s talent show. Seyi is very talented and can  even make a stone laugh hysterically. He recently got married to his beautiful wife below and has proudly shown her off publicly.

Seyi Law clear

At number 3 is Comedian Basketmouth:

Basketmouth is currently the King of Nigerian Comedy in my judgement. His present and past success in the field of comedy, his popularity and talent has no competition. You might be right if you think differently however, wearing my critique cap and having carefully reviewed all of our comedians, I give it up to Basketmouth. However, he came 3rd in my top comedian couple’s list, he has shown his wife and kids but not as much to win it.

Basketmouth and wife

Basketmouth and wifey

Basketmouth and family

Basketmouth and family

At number 2 is Comedian Julius Agwu:

Julius the Genius Agwu as fondly called, is a natural talented comedian. He is a close competition to winning the Nigerian King of Comedy title, but Basketmouth stole it. Julius has always been proud of his beautiful wife/kids  and shows them off to the public. Below is picture of Julius and wifey, as well as a family pics.


Julius and wifey

Julius and family

Julius and family

At number one is Comedian AY

Ay has done good for himself as a comedian and has produced one of the best Nigerian comedy skits of all time. He has made money and name out of comedy and has helped a lot of talents, to climb up the comedy ladder. He has won this year’s Nigerian top celebrity comedian couples, because he has shown love and affection with his wife publicly at every given opportunity. He is always proud of his 6 year old daughter and shows her off too.

Congrats to AY and wifey as they won  egosentrik’s  celebrity comedian couples of 2014.

AY and wife

AY and wifey

AY's Family

AY’s Family

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