First British Citizen To Die After NekNomination Dare


NekNomination is a new  online craze in which participants film themselves performing doing questionable stunts, or drinking various amounts and types of alcohol, before nominating someone else to continue the outrageous chain. A girl died in United States while trying to perform a deadly stunt for her own NekNomination Dare.

The fella pictured above is Isaac Richardson who reportedly downed a deadly cocktail of vodka, lager, whisky and wine telling friends he wanted to ‘outdo’ everyone. He was quoted to have said that a friend of his dared him  to drink ‘something messed up’.

A work colleague Tobi Obiwale who filmed the incident, said after Mr Richardson drank the pint-and-a-half of alcohol he began vomiting and within two minutes had collapsed. He died in the early hours of yesterday morning after the incident.