NEW VIDEO: Olu Maintain – Ennuff Effizzi


Olu Maintain is a cool guy, however, after that his popular song  ‘YAHOOZE’….he hasn’t really impressed this hard to please babe egosentrik with some of his songs, especially this new one.

His new video Ennuff Effizzi was uploaded on Youtube yesterday and I got an email from his fan, asking me to give it a New Video Alert on my Blog., I saw the email today.  No doubt he spent some cool $$$$ to shoot this video below, but the song didn’t get me dancing or nodding.

All I wanted was just enter inside the video and use my long cane to flog those ‘Allen Avenue babes’ in the video…cos they ruined it from the onset. If you think I criticise a lot…ask my pop singer  friend Kasaskie, I tell him the way it is…lol. 

Watch Mr Olu Maintain’s video below: Nice Video quality…