EXPOSED: The Face Behind The ‘Penis’ On Cossy Orjiakor’s Twitter

cossy nude stars

I had to think twice about putting up this post, but, I had to go against my will for the first time to pass a message across. Cossy Orjiakor, a soft porn actress, last month asked her fans to write that they love her (I Love Cossy) on their cutest body part. Find below tweet:

cossy message

So some of her fans actually wrote their names on their body parts, but this one individual decided to take it up a notch by writing his name on his ‘penis’ for the world to see *SHAMELESS*.

Hmmnnnn keep reading……WARNING + 18 Only

Cossy who calls herself ‘Nollywood Queen Of Boobs’, met up with these guys yesterday at Silverbird Galleria Auditorium for their gifts.

She posted the pictures of the ones who won alongside their twitter handles. But for this particular guy who posted his ‘thingy’, she mentioned she wouldn’t reveal his twitter handle. Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for me, it clicked that he is the shameless dirty man who posted his privates online for the world to see. So I decided to expose this act as a warning to young and ignorant adults out there…find pics below:


The second person below:


The third, who has now deleted his body part picture, but met with Cossy to collect his gift (smart or dumb?)

cossy quteduz

“I want to use this medium to sound a strong warning to our youngsters and some ignorant adults. Please!!! Please!!! and Please!!! be careful of what you do on social media. You won’t be lucky to get away with it all the time”. QUOTE ME ON THIS ANY DAY!!!