2015: Group Tells North- Don’t Waste Your Energy, Jonathan Will Beat Any Northerner, Prepare For 2019


My unanswered question about Nigeria is “Why should the Nigerian Presidential Position, be based on Regions, instead of the capability of a leader, regardless of his/her ethnicity?….I ask again which way Nigeria?

According to Daily Post:

As clock ticks ahead of the 2015 Presidential election, a group under the umbrella of the Nigeria Mandate, 2015 yesterday advised northern political leaders to let go the dream of taking over from Goodluck Jonathan.

The group further urged the region to start grooming a vibrant young presidential candidate for 2019 elections.

Speaking with newsmen yesterday, National President of the group, Dr. Ojona Okongor Eno, boasted that President Goodluck Jonathan will defeat all his opponents come 2015.

According to him, the north must not waste its energy, as 2015 presidential election has already been concluded in favour of Jonathan, with the help of God as he would be returned by Nigerian electorates.

He voiced his conviction thus, “For 2015, we will advise that the Presidential Villa is not vacant and there is no need people worrying themselves over spilt milk. There is no vacancy for the position until President Jonathan completes his second term by 2019. It is a matter of just four years and he will be through with his second term and after Jonathan, the next president of the country can come from the north or elsewhere.

Eno who noted that the dynamics of modern technology makes it imperative for the country to seek for a young person who understands clearly this evolving changes said, “As we speak today, we are already conducting a search for a credible candidate of the northern extraction for the 2019 presidential election. Henceforth, we must insist that no aspiring Nigerian president shall be above the age bracket of 40 and 45 years.

“We need someone who can understand the needs of teaming up with the youths of the country and can align the programmes of government to suit such needs . You know President Obama is succeeding today in America and the same goes for British Prime Minster, because age is on their side and they have enough strength to withstand the rigours of office.”

According to him, judging by Jonathan’s achievements and the growing number of organizations and bodies asking him to go for a second term, it will not be out of place to say that he is as good as having won the contest. He added that many Nigerians have seen the reason to support Jonathan because for him, there have been some elements of economic stability.