UPDATE: The Story Behind The Death Of Ecobank Staff Tortured By Nigerian Police

Tunde Oke

The sender of this update posted it to me  in the comment section, however,  I still feel the need to put it up as a post, so that the world will read and see how injustice are being meted out to helpless Nigerians. The police stated that the guy may have drank a poisoned bottle of coke? And as the sender rightly asked, poisoned coke he got from where? Did it just miraculously appear inside the cell? Someone who turned himself to the police, paid some outstanding amount to the bank in order to offset the alleged money. Yet was tortured and murdered for mere #1.2 million naira!!! Why don’t we value life in my country? What amount of money is larger than life?


Tunde was accused of a missing 1.2million from eco bank, ladipo where he worked sometime late last year. He was asked to refund the money amount. According to Tunde, someone posted the money with his computer system. However, Tunde made effort to repay the funds, and in the process his account was put on hold and that of his wife who works with the bank (they could no longer make withdrawals from their acct).

Tunde was able to to repay 600k before the events that led to his arrest. On Sunday the 16th of feb, Tunde had a fire accident in his residence, his generator exploded, leaving burns in his hands and legs. Tunde went with the burns to the office on Monday to show his branch manager and explained that he wont be able to stay at work for the day.

On Tuesday 18th Feb Tunde was on his way to clinic and some persons Ecobank called his wife to inform her that they were coming to arrest her at her branch since d husband has absconded. She quickly placed a call to her husband to inform him and her husband reported immediately to work abandoning his treatment due to the threat.

Tunde was arrested at work on Tuesday and taken to the divisional headquarters at Ikoyi where he was locked up for 3 days. All efforts to get his bail went futile as the police insisted that based on the instruction of the bank, they must get the outstanding.

His lawyer was asked to bring 1 million and he told them bail was free and he cant raise such. In the course of argument the police escalated the debt to 2.4 million and the lawyer reminded them he only had an
outstanding of 600k.

Tunde was tortured as usual by the police in the cell and on Thursday morning his mother in-law and brother visited the station, but was again urged by the police to quickly go and get money. They went to use the ATM and on their way back, they saw an ambulance and when they peeped into it, they saw Tunde’s cloths drenched in blood, his mouth foaming and it
was also discovered later that a coke bottle cover was placed in his pocket. The police started alleging poison that he took a poisonous coke.

Now am wondering, poison from where? This is the story so far. We are waiting for autopsy results but the media must be at alert… the process must b corruption free. Eco bank and the NPF will be doing all they can to bribe as many as possible….anyone who takes bribe on this issue will die a miserable death in Jesus name!

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  1. goldswealth says:

    I dont just have anything to say rather ask the IG of police if extra judicial killing by the police was the reason for recent promotions of some useless and never do well police officers.i will also want to implore Nigerians to pls tag ECO Bank as a blood sucking bank and stop any form of prsent and future transaction with this bank, pls Nigerians lets our only instrument let take our money away from this Blood sucking, i will be going to ECOBANK on monday morning to close down my account pls i implore you all to join me in this crusade, this is the only way we can pay this bank back if it can die a Natural death just like Tunde was killed. we can also kill the institution by all going there to close down our account no matter how little , plsssssssssssssss join me as i proced to my branch on monday to shut down my account. its Tunde a son, an husband even a father of two poor kids , pls lets fight for the poor kids by saying to hell with ECOBANK and close all transaction with them now

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    Oh My God ! Can’t believe that this injustice is still being meted out to Nigerians in this era ! We seek Justice for Tunde !!

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