I Can’t Forget The Night I met My Husband- Maureen Cyril


Below is how Nollywood actress Maureen Cyril narrated the moment she met her husband. She gushes about him and is so much in love, one her popular movie was ‘Lady Gaga’. For your reading pleasureeeeeeeeee………

“We met at a friend’s party and his friend came over to talk to me but I shunned him until I saw my husband, standing at a corner in the room. Our eyes met and glued and we kept stealing glances at each other. Then one of my crazy friends went to their table and invited him over but he just walked straight to me and I was a bit tipsy then. He was a perfect gentleman, when he later dropped us at my place he pecked me and said “Sleep like an angel that you are”

“I can’t and wouldn’t forget that night” she said. She then told him she was just coming out of a broken relationship and wasn’t ready for love again.
“Without knowing it, he was already in love with me. I didn’t know when I started loving him, it just happened. Then one thing led to another. He told me everything; his business and shares with me everything a man should share with his wife. He has made me believe in love and I am so much in love with him.

Culled from Vanguard.