The President Of Nigeria and The President Of Actors Guild Nigeria


President Jonathan and gorgeous Ibinabo Fiberesima

Whether people are in support of the actors guild visit to the president or not, I am fully in support of the visit!!! The face of Nollywood needs to change. We have to start regulating the movies that are produced and sold out there. We need our well established Nollywood (Hollywood) movie production site in Asaba or anywhere, but ASABA is a good location in my own opinion.


I am still proud of the moves by Ibinabo Fiberesima and all the actors and actresses who were present at the meeting…don’t underestimate the strength of a woman. This lady will change the face of Nollywood, I see that happening soonest. Our actors by virtue of acting are rich, but when they start getting old or faced with life threatening illnesses, they resort to public for help. Some of them luckily get assistance, while others don’t. But I know IB will do a lot to change the whole story.

I have love for Nollywood because, I personally love acting and have the right skills to do that, but I hate auditions…LMAO, it’s really daunting. I was in drama group all my college life, studied ‘Theatre Arts’ in Uni Uyo for few months, but my big sis thought I was wasting time doing that…lol. The next thing I know my big head landed at University of Calabar, studying ‘Linguistics and Communication Skills’…*SMH*. That’s what happens when you are the baby of the house in a Nigerian home, you got no freaking say!!!!

I don’t mind face to face auditioning with a Director or Producer, but not that type of open hall auditioning with full house.. ah ah…nat moi. Meanwhile, I can only feature in movies with good story line, not tittles like ‘Beyonce’, ‘Lady Gaga’ ‘Lagos this, Lagos’ that…tahhhh make I hear word.Why can’t we do a breath-taking  movies with good tittles and story line ‘mbok’???