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Still on the carnage up North of Nigeria: Most discerning Nigerians point accusing fingers at the Northern politicians and elite as the brain and ulter ego of the Boko Haram. I am amongst those accusing these set of Northern men and women. I go further to accuse the foreign powers backing these people through intricate though easily identifiable espionage network. I will give a layman’s view in support of my position simply because going into the espionage angle will sound incredible, confuse those who do not understand these things and easily defeat my purpose

The Boko Haram terrorists have been very stridden and vicious in their brazen attacks on the masses up North since the ascension of Jonathan as President about 3 or so years ago. They have been incoherent in their reasons for the war against the country but all of these reasons have shown that they are after a political mission subsumed in a religious rhetoric.

However, it is quite clear that they did not become this vicious until after so many Northern political leaders came out to declare that they will make the country ungovernable should Jonathan become the President. So far I do not see anything to suggest that they have not kept their promise and or threat unless we say that the North East has not become ungovernable. This is not the point anyway. The crust of my allegation against these Northern leaders as the sponsors and alter ego of the Boko Haram terrorists lies in the modus operandi of these guys so far which has unfailingly kept to a particular pattern

If indeed these Northern leaders like Adamu Ciroma, Tanko Yakassai, Atiku Abubarka, Muhammad Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida, The Caliphate etc are not the sponsors of Boko Haram and if truly they are against Boko Haram and if truly Boko Haram is attacking both Northern and Southern interests why have these very prominent people not have had any of their vast interests spread all over the North not been attacked??? Why is Atiku’s Abti International University still standing? why is IBB’s or Murtala Nyako or Atiku’s etc sprawling farms not been razed by these guys? A direct attack on these guys will have more effect and impact in advancing the cause of the Boko Haram sect, so why have they kept a blind eye on this. Why have their homes been spared and their children still playing golf and polio (polo) everywhere up North without a scare or scratch. Who is deceiving who? I agree with Victor here, recently, the Boko Haram members threatened that they will attack these their pay masters, and my question then is, HOW MANY OF THEIR ATTACKS WERE PRE-WARNED? Do they think that intelligent Nigerians are foolish and don’t know that they are trying to cover up their exposed tracks?

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I know that these guys and their foot soldiers are reading this so my advice to them is to stop all the pretence. Many discerning Nigerians know what is going on and are keeping records for the day of reckoning when they will give account even from the grave. They should go ask the Nazi proponents and supporters how it is with them now and how it was when they held sway never believing that the day of judgement will ever come.

Meanwhile, let them be informed that we are not deceived by a few slaughtering of their own people here and there. We know those they eliminate for being saboteurs or those they slaughter on a revenge mission or those caught in crossfire. When they go out to attack their own people in furtherance of their mission we shall know but of course they can’t do this because that will amount to killing themselves.

I will say this for the last time. President Jonathan if you continue to dilly dally with the opportunities that have repeatedly presented itself to you to make a concerted, altruistic and committed effort to liberate the various nationalities geographically called Nigeria then both God and man will dilly dally on the day you will call upon them for mercy. From the depths of my heart I pray always that God may preserve your life (I pray for you always because I have come to love you personally). My concern is that every time I pray the response I get is saddening.

In addition to the above assertion, I have heard a lot of Nigerians saying they want Nigeria to disintegrate, let the Northerners stay in their region and keep murdering their innocent citizens until they become a ghost region. Let the Igbos/Niger Deltans move back to their region and develop it as much as they have ignorantly developed other regions. Let the Westerners remain where they are and enjoy the development brought to them on a platter of gold.

Before the oyibos(colonial masters) brought us together, we were all in peace. But after merging us as Nigerians, the Northerners after a while started kicking for separation because they were afraid that they might not be able to dominate Nigeria. But when they got hold of power as much as they wanted, they needed ONE NIGERIA, the civil war can attest to that…the Boko Haram killings of innocent souls in this era is an example of what happened back then, because they’ve lost the Presidential seat. Since 1953, the Northern Nigerians have been kicking to part ways with Nigeria, so what the heck are we waiting for?

I was discussing the situation of Nigeria with a friend and this is what he had to say:

“This is why I am very angry with Jonathan who knows all these but just because he has been erroneously brainwashed by OBJ, IBB etc that he should not be the one under whom Nigeria will break, he is dilly dallying from confronting the challenge frontally. He forgets that a good leader is the one who faces any challenge frontally and such a leader is the one history records as being brave irrespective of whatever the outcome of his boldness”.


Article credit: Victor Aguku (Esq).