Hundreds Of Boko Haram Terrorists Killed, 20 Soldiers Missing In Borno

boko vs Army

It has been reported that the Nigerian special forces and the Air force are beginning to deal with the Boko Haram terrorist group, whose head quarters is in Sambisa Forest of Borno State. Eventhough the soldiers killed thousands of the Boko Haram insurgents according to reports, about 20 soldiers were reported missing after the attack.

Below is full report by PUNCH news

No fewer than an estimated 2,000 insurgents were killed in a combined operation by Special Forces and the men of the Air Force on Friday and Saturday in the volatile Sambisa Forest of Borno State, which has become a prominent hideout of the violent Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

What would have been a great victory for the Special Forces was, however, marred by an operational misunderstanding between the ground troops and the officers in the Air Force Alpha Jet.

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MKO Abiola’s Lawyer, Godwin Olusegun Kolawole Ajay Is Dead


Godwin Olusegun Kolawole Ajayi (Esq), was one of the  Nigeria’s legal luminaries  and has passed on Friday.

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Ajayi’S  death came after a prolonged sickness that kept him away from active legal practice in the last few years.

Mr. Ajayi represented Moshood Kashimawo Abiola and was Once one of Nigeria’s most sought after lawyers.

May his soul rest in peace…AMEN


FASHION: Is Male Leggings Fashionable or Tacky?

Leging is popularly and usually worn by women, but these days most  men have taken over and have made it difficult for certain women(excluding me) to concentrate while having a normal conversation.

I have always preached that women rock the leggings with a longer top, which could hang below or ontop of their back side asset while covering the front bit.

So ladies how would you feel when your man rocks a Meggings-aka-Male-Leggings-Fashion? Exposing that whcih should be concealed by a clean boxer shorts and nice jeans or plain trousers? #JustAsking

Tulisa Bombarded With Death Threats Over Pic Of Herself and Niall


tul 1

Thousands of ‘One Direction’ teen fans accused Tulisa on twitter of stealing their future husband (1 Direction band mate Nial Horan). After she posted a picture of hersel and Niall Horan pose as Disney characters at a party. Tulisa tagged the photo with the headline: ‘As If my little muffin turned up as Prince Charming looooool #bruddafromanothermother’.

One angry fan wrote: “Niall and Tulisa” I am Digging her GRAVE”

While another wrote: “Get your chav hands off Niall or die bitch,”

Tulisa fired back at them saying:  “Listen crazy bitches Niall is my home boy from day, won’t take abuse off u nutta’s so pipe the f*** down kids.”

See more pics below:
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REVEALED:Top Ten UK Towns Popular For Extra-Maritals Affairs

deal with it

Maidenhead was on top of the cheating ladder with 1,326 affairs, while Bournemouth in Dorset,  with a high proportion of elderly residents, emerged as the most faithful.

Below is list of the top ten UK towns for affairs:hmnnnn…quite interesting!
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