Nigerians In London Protest Against Boko Haram, Says Jonathan Enough Is Enough

Nigerians In  London

Well done guys, I commend your efforts in carrying out this peaceful protest in a safe country. It’s easier to be done from here than from Northern Nigeria isn’t it? Hahaha. The other day, the Nigerian Homosexuals in London went to the Embassy to protest. That High Commissioner’s front door don hear am walahi. Meanwhile, as Nigerian Londoners were protesting, Boko boys released twin explosions in Maiduguri and murdered many as usual.

They have released another video, marching freely……with sophisticated weapons that some Nigerian army officials might never have seen in their entire lives of service. WHICH WAY NIGERIA??? Meanwhile, as Jona no gree answer una…make una call OBAMA…..he might just be of help like the time of …..remove the ‘B’ from Obama and replace it with an ‘S’….. May God have mercy and save his people…………….AMEN. Watch Boko Haram’s latest video below: