NIGERIA: On The Proposed The National Conference- Victor Aguku


What about if Nigeria dissolves into the 6 geopolitical zones??? We will have South East, South South, South West, North Central, North East and North West, with each zone having autonomy under a federating system in which the centre will control such areas as foreign affairs, military, customs, fiscal policy. Such other areas with a Supreme Court which will have its members elected from the courts of appeal of the geopolitical zones on equal basis and a legislative arm which will be made up of both upper and lower chambers, but composed of equal representation from the geopolitical zones. Also having fewer numbers of not more than 30 members for the upper chambers and 60 members for the lower chambers with duties limited to a few exclusive legislative list including fundamental rights provisions and emergency powers to legislate for any of the geopolitical zones in time of any emergency within such zone.Victorr2

The geopolitical zones will have autonomy to decide how they run their own affairs with their own legislative house, courts up to Court of Appeal, states or provinces and local governments or counties. Each zone will have the liberty to pull out of the federation if it so wishes and will also have the liberty to merge with any other geopolitical zone if they so wish. Each geopolitical zone will equally have the liberty to dissolve into further geopolitical zone based on specific requirements to be spelt out in the constitution and enforced by the federation.

Do you think it’s a great idea???