Is It Cool For A Man To Style His Woman’s Hair?

J Duke

It’ll come as a shock to my friend J Duke Anago, when he sees this post and their pic…lol. Eventhough he is married to his pretty wife now, but this pic was before marriage. A lot of guys don’t even know when their girlfriends/partners changed their hairstyles *SHAME*.

I guess men should learn to pamper their women just like J *WINKS*

6 comments on “Is It Cool For A Man To Style His Woman’s Hair?

  1. Kas says:

    I don’t see anything wrong if you assist your in fixing or telling what kind of hair style suits her better as long as you are not trying to impose/force it on her.

  2. MARGARET says:

    Dis loVely

  3. martino says:

    Is nice and romantic. I can do that to my wife.

  4. Amara says:

    It’s kul!!!

  5. OLA says:

    Which kind do my girlfriend hair? Puleeeaase!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lovely couple, it is very cool Ego

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