Nollywood Actor Nonso Diobi Mistakenly Shares His Private Number On Twitter

nonso diobi


Nonso Diobi tweet

Is this a stunt or he doesn’t know how to use twitter? #JustAsking. Oya Ladies start calling him oooo.

Recently I posted a picture of Nonso Diobi and Mike Ezururonye and someone who claims to be a Blogger was pissed off by me showcasing Nonso. In this Blogger’s comment, she said that I Ego should stop posting pic of the fool (Nonso) as he said some of “Nigerian Bloggers are devils sent from the pit of hell to destroy celebrities career”.

OMG! I never heard of that before…I refused to approve the comment and however, that put me off a bit about Nonso. Yes Bloggers can make or break you, so don’t mess with them mate….lol. While some celebs might not like Bloggers, some are grateful that Bloggers promote them online, cos if they wait for high profile tabloids to make headlines, they might even be forgotten while they’re still existing in their chosen careers.

Not saying Bloggers should write hateful stuffs though or lie about someone to kill their careers, cos what goes around definitely comes back around. #FIDDLESTICK