VIDEO: South African Police Men Brutalize Nigerian Citizen

Nonso Diobi tweet

If Nigerians are always being treated like Animals in some parts of SHIT countries they relocate to, I bet it’s time for some of these guys to realise that they are in the wrong place. Countries like Cyprus, Malaysia, South Africa, India,Thailand etc. For a very long time, Nigerians have had this stigma of being scammers, drug pushers, bla bla bla!!! The guy in the video you are about to watch, was said to have interfered in South African police affairs(whatever that means) and that’s why they stripped him naked in public and beat him up like a nobody.

Last year, a 27- year- old Mozambian cab driver, known by the locals  as Mido Macia, was handcuffed to the back of a police van before being ruthlessly dragged away  over the rough coal tar road in top speed. The driver later died in his cell as a result of heavy bleeding.  Why do they treat other Nationals like this?