Is Michael Jackson’s Dad The ‘Real father of Michael’s Alleged Love Child’?

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Last week, there were speculations that Brandon Howard was Michael Jackson’s love child. The shocking news went viral online and I was totally shocked too. However, a new report claims eventhough the popular US singer Brandon Howard has the blood of  Jackson’s family running in him, as DNA recently revealed however, he may not be Michael’s son but that of Michael’s Dad.


If the shock claim is true, then that would make singer Brandon Howard a brother of the late music icon.

A source in the US said last night: “I’ve been hearing for years that Brandon is Joe’s son.” Brandon’s gospel singer mum Miki, 53, was managed by Joe, 85, and toured with him and Jacko more than 30 years ago.Brandon, 31, was born shortly after the two hooked up. The shock claim was made after Brandon was asked to provide a DNA sample for a TV documentary.

A Beverly Hills dentist said he compared it to Jacko’s DNA after buying one of the star’s used dental devices at an auction. The test allegedly revealed a 99.9999% match to Jacko.

At first it was assumed the Thriller star was the father but last night Joe also faced the claim. The family of ­Michael, who died in 2009 aged 50, fear Brandon is trying to get his hands on a slice of the Bad singer’s estate, which earns £360million a year.But in a clip posted online after the claims came to light, Brandon said: “I’ve never self-proclaimed to be ­Michael Jackson’s son. I’m definitely not suing the estate.”

In another twist, a backing singer on Jacko’s breakthrough album Off The Wall, Augie Johnson, 65, said he is Brandon’s real dad as a result of a long-term affair with Miki.