UPDATE:Missing Malaysia Airlines jet: The Spotted Yellow Object Is Not Life Raft

Malaysia 2

Rescue helicopters were scrambled to investigate reports of a ‘yellow object’ spotted floating in waters near where contact was lost with a Malaysian Airlines flight with 239 people on board.

Vietnamese officials initially said it was thought the object could be a life raft from flight MH370, which disappeared without a trace on Saturday local time after leaving Kuala Lumpur.


But the country’s civil aviation authority later said the object had been identified as a moss-covered cap of a cable reel, without specifying whether the object was part of a plane.

Searches are being conducted around 140km (90 miles) south-west of Tho Chu island, which is about 200km off the coast of southern Vietnam.

It has been suggested that the Boeing 777, which was heading for Beijing, may have fallen victim to a hijacking attempt, with investigators looking into how stolen passports – one Italian, one Austrian – were used to board the plane by two passengers.

Despite eight nations joining the search for the missing jet no debris or wreckage has so far been found, leading to fears it disintegrated at about 35,000ft.

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