Dencia On The Blast Again…..LMAO

Dencia Dark skin

And again Dencia is in the news for mockery, how lovely can that be? Hehehe.

This is what MTO wrote after she was spotted:

“OOOOH SNAP!!! Remember That DARK SKINNED African Singer Named Dencia That Was Selling SKIN BLEACH . . . Well That STUFF WORKS . . . Cause She Now Looks Like PARIS HILTON!!!”

Dencia, a Ghanian recording artist is trying to sell SKIN BLEACH to Black people around the globe. She needs to be STOPPED . . . can someone start a PETITION OR SOMETHING .

See another pic below and some interesting comments….LOLZ

Dencia 2


The Self Hate is Ri. dic.u. lous. she looks like a clown.


This is the height of stupidity black self hatred at its best but I get it because rappers and basket ball players always pick the light skinned girl because African American men think the lighter the better so women want to be light because they want the rapper this is sad but black men are responsible for this trend!!!


That’s crazy bleaching your skin!


Lol this bish look casket ready. Amazing how one can hate themselves so much to become something else and still this bish gonna die black like everybody else even white ppl turn black. Stupid broad bish ain’t even white she’s just ASHLY TRANSPARENT LMFAO lookin like some freaksho ish from tales from the darkside…I’m sooo happy God gave me a brain to love how he made me.

Nawa oooo…..Gbege don set again….cos madam Dencia will start another twitter rant…lolz. The rant after Lupita’s speech gave me headache and now MTO won’t let a sleeping dog lie? Someone that is about to appear on almighty Oprah’s show for her light skin…*SMH* How common can common sense be? #JustAsking