UPDATE:Married Obesere Says My Wife Is Angry” On Rape Scandal


When he was asked why he moved the case to the State CID and about his wife’s reaction, Obesere told NET thus:

“Police officers in Isolo think I’m an illiterate, simply because I am a Fuji artiste. I am not an illiterate and I refuse to be intimidated, which is why I asked for the case to be transferred. How can a girl accuse me of rape four days after sex? What is her proof? Since the case was transferred to the SCID, she has not reported to the station. If truly she was raped, she should come to the SCID with her proof. My wife Abike is angry with me, but I am her husband, so she will forgive me.”

Obesere’s family is not the only thing being threatened. His freedom and career will also be affected if he is found guilty as the Lagos State Criminal law prescribes life sentence as punishment for rape.

Daily Post.


This married dude says… “My wife Abike is angry with me, but I am her husband, so she will forgive me.”

What on earth will an  African woman not hear? I am married, I slept with another woman and openly admitted *Fair enough*…I know she’ll forgive me cos am her husband? SMH seriously.

Some women can actually chop shit for the sake of being a man’s wife, poor thing!!! I bet her forgiveness is her forever bad memory. We cannot cheat nature, she’ll always imagine/remember how her man who cannot put his thingy inside his panties banged another women.

My question is….Do they live apart? How was he able to sleep overnight with another lady? This rape case is just nemesis that caught up with him. IT’S A BIG PITY!!!