Very Important Advice To Single Ladies Or Those In A Relationship

egosentrik herself...*winks*

egosentrik herself…*winks*

I’ll start by telling you the words of an old experienced lady about RELATIONSHIPS, so here is what she said:

“Don’t trust any man for the first one year of your relationship, be guarded. Particularly with crossed legs, meaning you should not give into sex so easily. Because sex is your last gold coin and the question is….“would you give out your last GOLD COIN EASILY??

Men don’t feel good about themselves when they get you easy! They beg for sex, they know that they’re not supposed to get it easy. No man is a Super Hero, therefore every man is supposed to have a feminine side as well as a masculine side and vice versa. So sometimes people switch sides without knowing it and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, the man is a pilot and the woman is the co-pilot, therefore your man is supposed to be bigger, stronger, more giving, more masculine than you.

People put compatibility before chemistry in a relationship and that is absolutely wrong. Body chemistry should come first before compatibility. Your both bodies has to send signals to each other first and that is what we call attraction!!

Also, if you’ve lived and dated a man between 2 to 5 years without any engagement and marriage talks, oh boi, “you are a door mat”. Even if he ends up marrying you later on in life, it’s not for the love of being with you, it’s just because he is guilty of wasting your time. In situations like this, there are too many cases of cheating here and there, misunderstandings, dis-respectfulness and whole lots of stuff.

Having all these in mind, ladies try to work with your intuition, so you either get in or get out, but make sure you are happy with your long run decision.

Love is a beautiful thing and everyone should experience it without too much hassles. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise that love doesn’t exist. Such a person is not in our planet, search deeply and you’ll find out that he/she is frustrated and will jump on love with both arms, legs,head once they meet the right person. A good and caring man will not cheat on his partner and likewise the woman. Explore whole new things together as it will relieve life stress and vicissitudes.

If you are confused and searching for love, I wish you all the best and don’t hesitate to chat me up if you are burdened. I am always here to listen (

Lots of love from your gurl,

Egosentrik xx.