SELFIE ALERT: Yvonne Nelson Looking Ravishing + Interesting Gist Inside This Post


It’s almost hard to fault a little black dress, not when Yvonne rocks it…lol. She looks absolutely gorgeous as usual.

Meanwhile, in other news, there has been news making rounds on the internet over a certain Ghanian prophet who listed the names of Ghana celebrities that will die soon. He mentioned Yvonne Nelson and other celebs, saying all sorts. Anyways from above pic Yvonne no send una ooo

death threat

DEATH THREAT VICTIMS: Nadia Buari, Yvonne Nelson, Samini, Obour, Kabobo and Lil’ Win.

It’s  a pity in Africa that our Government overlook such serious cases of death threats by some Pastors on innocent people. I don’t care whether it’s a prophecy or not. All these prophets of doom happen to see/say are deaths, plane crash, accidents, murder…bla bla bla. When are they ever going to see good things?

We can’t rule out that these people do juju to remain valid in their ministries.  The unfortunate thing is that they invite celebrities to come and personally meet them and only God knows what happens to them the moment they step into their zones. I wish someday one of them will openly and proudly tell the public what these guys used to tell them.

Last year, a Nigerian prophet predicted spirit of death in Nollywood and our dear actors started dying mysteriously. These prophets of dooms should not be left to get away with what they say these days. They make headlines and are enjoying stardom with staged prophecies. Ibet when Politicians stop patronising them and hold them seriously for their words, then all these will stop. In the past before they emerged on our TV screens, life was sweeter and no one really knows them.

Everyday we hear of one fake pastor that was nabbed by police cos they’re extorting money from people. Yet day by day people fall victims in search of miracles. They put evil spirit in people and remove them by themselves, as the popular say “it takes a thief to catch a thief”. 

AFRICANS BE WISE AND STOP STUPIDLY BEING OVER RELIGIOUS!!! The oyibo people that gave us bibles are surprised by how we are being too religious rather than follow the principles of God they introduced to us. Somebody will tell a girl that God made her for his pleasure, she will believe him and open her stupid legs, because he is a so-called man of God? BE WISE!!! BE WARNED!!! Signs of end time.

If you are God’s anointed, no man can take your life cos Jesus has paid for your life by his death so that you’ll be saved. What you believe in will have effect on you as my mum will always say.