NIGERIA: Ghanaian Police Are Ignoring Enquiry Into The Murder Of Nigerian Student In Ghana

Godwin Ayogu

Mr. Fred Ayogu, the father of a Nigerian student, Godwin, 19, who was murdered at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, has accused the Ghanaian police of ignoring enquiries from the family.

Fred Ayogu, is a Lagos-based businessman  and has revealed that attempts to get information from the Ghanaian police concerning investigation into Godwin’s murder had been met with silence.

Below is graphic photo of murdered Godwin in Ghana +18 only:


It’s a pity how Nigerian students are dying abroad all because our country cannot make things favourable for us in Nigeria. This case should not be swept under the carpet by the Ghanaian police and the Nigerian Govt either.

The student is a Nigerian citizen and the family needs the Nigerian Govt support in this issue!!