“No one wants to associate with me anymore” – Baba Suwe


NDLEA falsely accused comedian Baba Suwe for smuggling hard drugs. This act cost him his friends, his acting career and emotional stress. He lamented in a recent interview of how broke he is and how nobody wants to associate with him. It’s a pity cos our Nigerian people are used to holier than thou attitude in this life. They don’t want to associate with someone who was falsely accused of a crime, yet they will run after BAD EGG POLITICIANS WHO ARE PECULIAR WITH MONEY LAUNDERING. NDLEA needs to compensate this guy real good to sort his life out again. They need to release a plausible statement apologising and urging people to let him back into the entertainment world. When he dies now, all of you will be too quick to write RIP..*God Forbid*…..


“I have not collected any compensation money from NDLEA yet. The most painful thing is that I was wrongly accused. Had it been, I actually committed the crime, I won’t mind, but they just punished me for nothing. I was in NDLEA custody for almost three weeks, and nothing was found on me. No matter the kind of juju one may have, I don’t think there is anybody that can conceal cocaine for even two days.

Even researches had shown that no one can harbour the substance in the body for two days. It will burst inside the person’s stomach, which can lead to death. And I believe after all their investigations, they should have released me so I couldcontinue with my career. But the whole situation, the way they treated me actually rubbished my image. My career has been dwindling.

A lot of people that are supposed to be inviting me to take part in their movies abandoned me because of the incident. Even a lot of people that could have assisted me financially don’t want to associate with me again. People within and outside the industry has deserted me on account of the allegation. They still doubt me despite my victory in court.

I have sung praises of some people in some of my movies, and I always appreciate whatever they give me. This makes a lot of people close to me. For instance, I was close to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu before and he was very nice to me.

He had done a lot for me but now, it’s very difficult for me to be close to him. He is even not comfortable seeing me around him again because of the allegation. I don’t enjoy people’s love and admiration like before because people still believe that it was true“.