“The reception I got for Kajola took such a toll on me physically, emotionally…”-Keira Hewatch


The beautiful actress Keira Hewatch who is well known for her role in ‘Lekki Wives’ as ‘Peace’, revealed in an interview with Vanguard news that the reception one of the  movies she starred in, called ‘Kajola’ got her heart broken. She said the movie was a flop in cinemas and that drained her both physically and emotionally.

As you read the excerpt from her interview, Keira and her click of ‘Lekki Wives’ are currently in the UK for the première of Lekki Wives 2, which will be taking place in London and Manchester. You’ll find their UK arrival pictures below after the excerpt:

Tell us about your most challenging movie role?

I think that would be Kajola. First of all, it was a movie that flopped in the cinemas.  Kajola was said to be a work of imitation; we were said to be aiming or shooting above our station, trying to copy Hollywood , Instead of our people to encourage the unconventional film, they were out criticizing it. When Lekki Wives first came out, some Nigerians took to social media sites and tore  us to shreds.

We were copying Desperate Housewives, we were copying Hollywood reality shows, we weren’t original, and we were crap. They watched it, when it was released, and some of these people came back to apologise. For me, it was heartbreaking the reception I got for Kajola especially as it took such a toll on me physically, emotionally, and otherwise.

It was challenging in a way I would’nt love to experience again. There are people who loved it and applauded our efforts after they saw it, but others who didn’t even bother to see it just narrow-mindedly trashed us because it didn’t look like a Hollywood sci-fi film. We will get there one day but we have to start from somewhere.

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