New Report Says, Nigerian Immigration Records Smooth Recruitment Exercise ???


I have been deeply disturbed by the outcomes of the so-called immigration recruitment process that cost 16 lives as a result of stampede. Things like this happen in Nigeria when people in-charge are old and outdated individuals. First of all over 6 million candidates applied for a job and were extorted #1000 fee? which made the thief and culprits 6 billion naira rich? Which country does that for a federal Govt job?

Secondly, over 500,000 people were shortlisted turned up for a test? Why? If these people had conducted a secured online test Nationally to save time, energy and resources will the deaths occur as a result of stampede? HELL NO!

Thirdly, shouldn’t it be the Human Resource People at the Federal Government level that should plan, organise and execute the whole process? I keep screaming that I am qualified, young and vibrant HR professional and can deliver Human Resource related issues at the Federal Govt level. But they keep ignoring me and allowing greedy people squander money and killing innocent job seekers! Sometime in 2008, I met the husband of an oyibo woman who heads Nigerian Human Resource department back in those days. He spoke lengthy about Ghana must bags and said that the HR job cost him his wife, cos as at the time of our gist, they were divorced. But maybe now things have changed and our people are the ones in our Federal Human Resource Department.

The last time it was the CBN who decided to be in charge of recruitment processes for banks…*I just can’t comprehend how some humans come up with certain decisions, that is so poor/lame*

An then the fourth thing on my mind, is, why are the Governors of these states not held accountable for poor job creation in their states? There are so many schemes that can empower youths as employees and employers. It is a shame in my country that these Governors aren’t interested in creating jobs for the youths. This one simple act will reduce CRIME!!

On my way back from my trip today, a total stranger mentioned the name of a Nigerian Governor, whose 2 kids are studying here in the UK. He pays £33,000 each, annually for their respective courses. They live in the Posh area of the city I travelled to with flashy cars. They imported a house help from Nigeria who is also living large herself cos the Governor services her whenever he comes and bought a sophisticated CAR for her too, in order to make her job for his grown up children a lot easy.

The children of this Nigerian Governor attend horse riding  and gun shooting lessons 6 times a week and only take a break from the fun activity on Sundays. My informant is not even a Nigerian which makes it shameful. The person said that, our corrupt leaders are the problem of our GREAT NATION. Can you compare this Governors kids to those lives that were lost?

This is the clear big gap between rich and poor in Nigeria. These Governors should be banned from sending their kids abroad to the highest paying courses. And living extravagant life styles while hard working youths die in search of jobs! These humans stole/steal our money to better their lives and that of their families and don’t care about others. When politics in Nigeria stops being centred around public funds available for stealing, Nigeria will  even harbour refugees from other countries because we are that RICH…YES WE ARE!!

My heart bleeds for the future of our youths……………


The Nigeria Immigration Service on Sunday said the recruitment tests, it carried out nationwide, was successfully conducted in 31 states of the federation.

This is contained in the e-recruitment report submitted to the Minister of Interior, Mr Abba Moro, a copy of which was made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

According to the report, only Port Harcourt, Niger, Jigawa and the FCT recorded casualties.

It said that over 16 deaths were recorded in these states and about 20 persons sustained injuries and were currently receiving treatment.

The report said that while immigration officers in Ogun were pelted during the exercise, the exercise in Lagos state was cancelled due to unruly conduct of applicants.

While confirming the report to NAN in an interview, Moro said that the ministry still intended to continue with the recruitment of successful candidates.

He said that the exercise which was cancelled in Lagos would still be held on a later date.

The minister said although the ministry had thoroughly prepared for the successful conduct of the exercise, it did not anticipate the large crowd that showed up in various centres.

“We were working with the exact number that applied which is over 500,000 and officers had been deployed to handle this number.

“We did not anticipate that even persons who did not apply and not eligible to sit for the exam will come making the stadia very crowded and unmanageable” he said.

He said that although officials did not thoroughly manage the crowd during the exercise, he called for understanding as the ministry would  investigate the situation.

He assured Nigerians that recruitment into the immigration service would still go on as the ministry was poised to ensure employment of successful candidates.(NAN)