UK TV Shows Are Far Too ‘White’ Says, Comedian Lenny Henry


The comedian blasted TV hits including Broadchurch, Miranda and Midsomer Murders last night for being too white and not having black or other races in them.

Lenny criticised the shows for having fewer black actors than similar programmes in America, saying they were not representative of modern Britain.

‘Since 2008 I’ve noticed a worrying trend. Our most talented black and minority ethnic actors are increasingly frustrated and they have to go to America to succeed.

‘You know who I’m talking about, David Oyelowo in The Butler, Idris Elba in Long Walk to Freedom, Prometheus and The Wire, Thandie Newton in Crash and Mission Impossible, Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years a Slave, David Harewood in Homeland.’
Would you agree with Lenny Henry?