A baby Has Miraculously Survived After Being Born In A Motorcycle Crash

baby who miraculously survived. egosentrik.com

The boy’s parents had been travelling to hospital when they were hit by a truck and flung from their motorcycle, with eyewitnesses claiming the baby was catapulted from his mother’s womb as she was run over.

Xiao Zhao has now been dubbed a ‘miracle baby’ after recovering from such a traumatic introduction to life.

Police officers at the scene in Xiamen, China, reported that the 4.2kg (9lb 2oz) baby was found lying three metres away from his mother’s body when they arrived.

‘What we found out from her family is that the woman, a 40-year-old, had gone into labour at 8:30am and her husband, a 42-year-old man, decided to take her by motorbike to the hospital rather than waiting for an ambulance,’ explained hospital spokesman Chan Chien.

Some eyewitness have claimed he was catapulted from his mother’s womb as she was run over by the truck while others reported the woman had given birth before dying from her injuries.

The baby has been making headlines across China and will be returned to members of his family once he recovers from his injuries.

Police confirmed they have arrested a 45-year-old truck driver who had reportedly turned into the road as the motorbike approached. He is being held in custody.

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