Boko Haram vs Nigerian Airforce Kill Villagers In Borno Latest Attack

boko vs Army

Bomb explosion believed to have been planted by Boko Haram members has Killed 26 Villagers at Ngurosoye market and Kayamla in north east Bama and Konduga local government areas , Borno state. 


Security sources said surviving traders at Ngurosoye market had to flee for their lives when a heavy sound of explosion was heard at the centre of the market.

According to Ngurosoye villagers, 16 persons were killed as a result of explosives devices planted by Boko Haram inside a market while ten others died after an air force fighter jet allegedly in its effort to repel attacks fired indiscriminately into another Village of Kayamla , Konduga Local government.

A villager of Kayamla said the airforce jet had opened fire on villagers days after they had reported that some Boko Haram gunmen had camped in the village Primary School after the attack on the military barracks in Maiduguri on Friday.

“We told the military people that after that attack on the barracks in Maiduguri, some of the Boko Haram terrorists passed through our village, Gambori, and went to Kayamla where they chased the people out of the village and camped at the primary school till Saturday”, Alhaji Lawan a community leader.

“We sighted them cooking and eating all night, so we had to inform the military that these group of terrorists were camping in Kayamla; but no one turned up. Until about five days later that we saw a fighter jet coming to shoot at innocent villagers, long after the Boko Haram had left. We regretted giving such kind of intelligence or information to the military, because it has cost us the lives of our 10 innocent people”. “We still do not understand why soldiers don’t chase the Boko Haram into their hideouts, up till now we have them Boko Haram terrorists attacking our villages. Just three days ago, they attacked a small village called

Yawal near Konduga town, and killed a young man and stole away about 36 cows”, the Villager revealed.

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