Chika Ike and Living Legend Olu Jacobs On A Movie Set “Udala”

Chika Ike and Olu Jacobs

Udala apparently means the “apostle of the gods” which is the supposed name of this movie. I hope I am not misunderstanding Chika about this meaning of Udala. I am Igbo and have only known Udala to be a fruit popularly called ‘Agbalumo’ in the Western Nigeria…lolz.

 I’ll try and see the movie when it comes out, cos atleast I know it has a storyline. If it were Lagos Runs girls and the rest…I no for even look am twice, not to talk of promoting it..#DumbAssMovieTitlesAndStorylines.

Meanwhile, see another pic below

chika Ike.

Chika where is your DESIGNER shoe eeh? This one no be Eiffel Tower Paris thingz, this one na village geh levels..hehe.