BREAKING NEWS: Officials Believe Malaysian Airlines Flight Came Down In The Southern Indian Ocean

Chinese AF search for Malaysian plane

The missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 dropped to as low as 12,000ft in what could have been a cabin emergency before it disappeared from the radar, it has emerged.

As the exhaustive search continues in the Indian Ocean for the missing Boeing 777-200, an official revealed the doomed passenger jet made a sharp turn over the South China Sea which ‘seemed to be intentional’.

Relatives of passengers and crew have been informed of the ‘heartbreaking’ news that Flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean, the Malaysian Prime Minister has announced.


Najib Razak told a press conference new analysis by the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch and tracking firm Inmarsat suggested the flight ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

The announcement was made as an Australian navy ship was on its way today to retrieve two new objects spotted by military aircraft in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

Beijing responded cautiously to the find. ‘At present, we cannot yet confirm that the floating objects are connected with the missing plane,’ Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a news briefing in Beijing.

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