……Life Is Full Of Ups and Downs, I Have Accepted My Fate…Says..Ex-Wife Of Mercy Johnson’s Husband


Odi and Lovely Okojie 's Children

Lovely Okojie, the estranged wife  of Odianosen Okojie who is now married to Actress Mercy Johnson. Canadian based ‘Lovely Okojie’ granted a very intense interview to ENCOMIUM Weekly recently, and sounded a lil  bit bitter with regards to her ex-husband who decided to end their marriage to marry the bootilicious and boobilicious actress.

Below is an excerpt of the interview:

How are the children doing now?

“The children are doing fine.  I thank God for them.”

How have you been able to cope with the children’s welfare?

“Like I said, I thank God. I am coping well.”

However, she was asked if her ex husband (Odi Okojie) has been assisting in the children’s upkeep, she got furious, insisting the man in question is in her history.

“What do you mean?  That is my past.  Don’t ask me questions about my past.  I don’t want to relate with my past.  In fact, I don’t know what you are talking about,” and the phone went off.

However,  it was gathered that a source close to Lovely revealed to ENCOMIUM that sheis still very bitter about what happened to her marriage to Prince Okojie.

“She is still bitter.  She felt betrayed.  She is not thinking of another marriage now, she is yet to recover from the past experience.”

Now this is EGO speaking:

It is very difficult to ask a woman who has had kids with a man not to feel bad after a broken marriage. First of all, this woman in question may have gone through thick and thin with her ex-husband which will cause so much stress in their marriage.

It is a pity it has happened and the lady should be glad that this guy left her, cos he doesn’t deserve her!!

She should hit the gym and watch her diet so that she’ll look attractive again. There’s still huge possibility of her finding true love. A rich man, who is caring and loving. If I am in her shoes, I’ll put my comfort and physical attraction first, then love will develop between me and the guy.

All she needs now is a man to love and pamper her, a man who will treat her like a queen and bring out the feminine part of her. What Odi brought out in her is the bitter woman, the masculinity in her and anger.

Now she can strive to make her kids and herself happy, but LOVING HERSELF MORE!!!”