ZIMBABWE: Man Cuts Off His Manhood and Eats Them

Clayton Nyambaware of Tshabalala ate his testicle

Clayton Nyambaware of Tshabalala suburb committed the horrible act on Thursday in the presence of astonished residents at Elangeni Bottle Store.

Witnesses said he seemed like a possessed man. “He just grabbed his crotch and sliced everything. As blood spurted out of the wound he put his genitals into his mouth and started chewing,” said a vendor.

Another witness said she would never forget what she saw. “I am still asking myself how a person can do that to himself. It was nightmarish to see the blood dripping between his fingers and lips as he chomped on his manhood. Wherever he is, he must be dead by now,” said Anna Ncube.

A source close to Nyambawara’s family revealed that he was not dead. “He is recovering at Mpilo Hospital and he only cut off his testicles. “He was bewitched by a family member after he slept with the man’s wife,” said the source.

The local press found Nyambawara at the hospital and he said he was in great pain. “I do not know what happened and I’m in pain. I want water and bananas and where are the others?” asked Nyambawara whose mind seemed to be wandering.