“Let the sickness take the flesh but leave the bones…..”Says Prof Dora Akunyili


From the before and after pic above, one can see how the chubby prof drastically transformed as a result of the recent illness. However, Prof Dora Akunyili confirms that she was ill but has been healed by God’s grace and she is well enough for the National Conference of which she is one of the delegates.

Here is her reply to a recent contact by CKN Nigeria, after rumour had it that Dora has been down with a life threatening illness and may not survive:

Thank you for your enquiry. There is a saying in Igboland that goes this way: “Let the sickness take the flesh but leave the bones because with time the bones would grow new flesh.”

I just came out of a major sickness, for which I thank Almighty God for delivering me. I know that God did that for a purpose, this National Conference being part of that purpose. I am well now but only need time to put on more weight. However, I am strong enough for this Conference and I look forward to collaborating with other delegates to chart the way for a better Nigeria.

Thank you.

National Conference Delegate
Fmr Minister of Information & Communications
Abuja, March 24, 2014

I wish her a very quick fleshy recovery!