EXPOSED: Nigerian Diplomat, Says,Money,Gold,Diamond etc..Can Be Smuggled Through Diplomatic Bag



Pardon the pictures cos they were taken while it was aired: More pics and story inside the post;

Last night, ITV UK, aired an under-cover documentary called “EXPOSURE” where a Nigerian Diplomat, who later claimed he was only an embassy worker Mr Abutu, was secretly filmed and willing to smuggle out stolen artefacts in a ‘Diplomatic Bag’.


Mr Abutu who works for Nigerian High Commission London. He unknowingly revealed so many secrets with regards to smuggling items and large sums of money using the diplomatic bag. His reason was that diplomatic bags are not searched as diplomats have immunity across the world.

Mr Abutu also mentioned that the bags are usually wrapped with the National flags and sent the desired country. He could also carry it as a hand luggage and will not be searched because of his diplomatic immunity.

Hmmmmmmnnnnnn….is that the sophisticated means of money laundering by our so-called diplomats? #JustAsing

Below pic is where Mr Abutu said he cannot smuggle cocaine because that will ruin his career forever, and he will not be entitled to pension that he has worked all his life:


He talks about pension:

cocaine pension

Although, after Mr Abutu admitted he will smuggle out the stolen artefacts he has not even seen, and should be paid quarter of a million pounds as his commission. He later could not carry out the deal, with the excuse that he has not had permission to travel from his boss. Also, it was learned later on in the documentary, that Mr Abutu was just a Nigerian embassy staff and have no diplomatic immunity as he claimed.


The Nigerian Embassy in London  responded to the conducts of Mr Abutu in the documentary, saying the man had been suspended for disciplinary purposes, and has no such powers to ‘Diplomatic Immunity’.

See more TV photos from the TV clip and pay attention to the write up on the screen:

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