Nigerian-UK Based Transgender Mocks Nigeria Yet Again!



Well we don’t know whether she’s the first trans-gender or not cos other Nigerian transgenders don’t seek cheap popularity all the time. But what we do know is that he/she was lucky to use the sexuality to obtain VISA in the UK. You know Nigeria is so bad that people can do whatever it takes to seek asylum elsewhere, including changing their gender and pretending they will be murdered if they remained in Nigeria…*mstchew*

I just think this man/woman is beginning to take a piss and he/she should shut the hell up and live HIS/ her live without seeking undue attention.

So basically he/she shared the above costumed picture on the right stating that he/she is thinking of contesting for international beauty pageants next year and don’t know whether or not to represent Nigeria. And if she did represent Nigeria, the pic will be her costume! Funny isn’t it?  IDIOTA!!!

Just respect people’s tradition…they are humans and just as you seek acceptance, they also have freedom to dress and appear the way they wish! It is called “Freedom of expression”. I never had issue with this Naija transgender, but he/she keeps hauling insults at Nigeria. Is that how to fight a cause? *SMH* I find it offensive, while others might find it funny!

Here is the mockery comment he/she made below:

mofo 1