National Conference “Sleeping Delegate” Hamma Misau Dies At 67


AIG Hamma Misau was a delegate at the ongoing National Conference in Nigeria. The retired police  became popular on the internet after his picture went viral as he slept during the National Conference. He was reported to have died at the National Hospital in Abuja. Mallam Misau died last night of an undisclosed illness at the age of 67.

I find his death quite disturbing and cannot understand why the man died all of a sudden after, the public outrage that he would be paid 12 million naira like everyother attendee. Did they not know that he was 67? And probably too old to be subjected to the 3 month meeting?. Won’t people go through health and mental screening to be involved in important decisions regarding Nigeria?.

Too many questions to answer…but I hope this man did not pay with his life for sleeping at the National conference. There were other old people that slept too….the first pic that emerged from the Conference showed another old person sleeping. Why won’t they sleep as their bodies are weak as nature takes it toll. Abeg I won’t post that pic before he will die of an undisclosed illness like Mallam Misau.

Abeg people deserve to know what killed him, as he is a patriot isn’t it? *SMH*