VIDEO: Leo Iheanacho Booted Off ‘The Voice Show’ For Perceived Obsession Towards Kylie

the voice

Leo Iheanacho whose parents are Nigerians,  took part in one of the UK’s outstanding singing talent reality shows. It was reported that Kylie Minogue started having doubts about Leo Ihenacho when he began to behave like a strongly infatuated fan.

Things got awkward when Leo claimed in celebrity magazines that they were both dating. 45 year old Kylie, was said to be worried and  insisted on booting him off the BBC show as his obsession got out of control.

Leo was disappointed by the development and said Kylie dumped him. Kylie has denied his claims saying: “I didn’t dump Leo – I was never going out with him. I’m sure Leo will be flirting with everyone else now.”

36 year old Leo, then posted a video about his rejection on YouTube. He filmed himself smashing up Kylie CDs and ripping up posters in a rage, saying: “I’m upset. I feel betrayed.”  Although below youtube video seems crazy and psychotic, but a source close to Leo said it was filmed for the kicks: